James Monroe Facts - 5th President of USA

James Monroe Facts and they were as follows. He was born in Westmoreland County in Virginia. The date of his birth was April 28, 1758.

His father was a planter and carpenter. His parents, Spence Monroe and Elizabeth Jones Monroe had four children that survived to maturity.

James Monroe Facts And Biography

When James was between 11 and 16 years old, he studied at Campbelltown Academy, where James was able to do very well in school studying math and Latin. One of his classmates was John Marshall, who became a Chief Justice of the United States.

When James was 16 years old, he enrolled in the College of William and Mary. In 1775, Monroe joined 24 other men to raid the arsenal at the Governor's Place.

James Monroe Career

In the following spring, James dropped out of college to join the Continental army. When he returned, he wanted to earn a degree, so he studied the area of law under Thomas Jefferson.

Monroe was a soldier in the War of Independence and was shot in his left shoulder at the Battle of Trenton. He then had to spend three months in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to recuperate. After his service at war, he then practiced law in Virginia.

James Monroe Marriage

James Monroe got married to Elizabeth Kortnight in 1786. They had three children, Eliza Monroe Hay, James Spence Monroe, and Maria Hester Monroe Gouverneur.

President James Monroe

James Monroe Facts - In 1782, Monroe was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates and he also served in the Continental Congress from the years of 1783 and 1786.

In 1790, he was elected to the position of United States Senator. Monroe was also an ambassador to France in 1794. Monroe also practiced law in Virginia until he was later elected to be governor from 1799 to 1802.  He was elected to another term to be governor of Virginia in 1811. However, he resigned only a few months into his term.

He became the Secretary of State from 1811 until 1814.  He was Secretary of State until Madison's presidency was over when he assumed the title of 5th President of the United States of America.
As president, James Monroe is best known for his Monroe Doctrine.  His belief was that the Americas should not have European colonization and should not have the interference of Europeans in the affairs of the country.

James Monroe ordered campaigns against Seminole and Creek Indians. He also ordered Andrew Jackson to prevent Florida from becoming a safe place for runaway slaves.

On January 20, 1825, the Treaty of Washington City was made effective, and it forced the Choctaw to cede more territory of the United States.

After Monroe's presidency, he lived on Monroe Hill which was on the grounds of the University of Virginia. During his years in public service, Monroe had accumulated a number of debts. He was then had to sell his Highland Plantation.

His wife also was in poor health and died in 1830. After she died, Monroe moved to New York City in order to live with his daughter. He died on July 4, 1831, from tuberculosis and heart failure.

More James Monroe Facts

NICKNAME - Era of good feelings president

BIRTH - April 28, 1758, in Westmoreland County, Virginia

MOTHER - Elizabeth Jones

FATHER - Spence Monroe


BROTHERS - Andrew and Joseph

MARRIAGE - Elizabeth Kortright on February 16, 1786

CHILDREN - Eliza, Maria and Spence

HOME - Ash Lawn-Highland

EDUCATION - College of William and Mary in (1774-1776)

RELIGION - Episcopalian


MILITARY SERVICE - Continental Army (1776-1780) Colonel in the Virginia Militia


  1. Member of the Continental Congress (1783-1786)
  2. U.S. Senator (1790-1794)
  3. Minister to France (1794-1796)
  4. Governor of Virginia (1799-1802)
  5. Minister to France and England (1803-1807)
  6. Secretary of State (1811-1817)
  7. Secretary of War (1814-1815)
  8. U.S. President two terms (1817-1825)
POLITICAL PARTY - Democratic-Republican

  1. James Monroe - 183
  2. Rufus King - 34
  1. James Monroe - 231
  2. John Quincy Adams - 1
March 4, 1817, Capitol Building, Washington D.C. at the age of 58.
James Monroe - First and Second Term Inaugural Address

James Monroe Administration

PRESIDENCY - Two terms (March 4, 1817-March 4, 1825)

FIRST LADY - Elizabeth Monroe (1817-1825)

  1. First Term: Daniel D. Tompkins
  2. Second Term: Daniel D. Tompkins


  1. Mississippi (1817)
  2. Illinois (1818)
  3. Alabama (1819)
  4. Maine (1820) Missouri (1821)

James Monroe Cabinet

SECRETARY OF STATE - John Quincy Adams (1817-1825)

SECRETARY OF TREASURY - William H. Crawford (1817-1825)

SECRETARY OF WAR - John C. Calhoun (1817-1825)

  1. Richard Rush (1814-1817)
  2. William Wirt (1817-1825)

  1. Benjamin Crowninshield (1817-1818)
  2. Smith Thompson (1819-1823)
  3. Samuel L. Southard (1823-1825)

  1. Returned, Jonathan Meigs, Jr.
  2. John McLean (July 1, 1823)


DEATH - July 4, 1831, in New York City at the age of 73

BURIED - Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond

  1. Ash-Lawn-Highland, Charlottesville, Va. (Homestead)
  2. James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library Fredericksburg, Va. Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.

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