Diet To Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks No

While so many of us struggle to lose belly fat, there is no definite formula to do so or diet to lose belly fat in 2 weeks. Belly is that area of the body that instantly starts showing obesity.

Diet To Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks

People with belly fat are known to be suffering from central obesity in clinical terms. We can lose belly fat by following a balance of exercise and diet. This section will guide you on diets to lose belly fat.

Read Diet To Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks

Well, not all of us like physical exercise. Regular workouts are definitely the most proven and long lasting method way to lose fat around your belly, but many people fail to follow a regular exercise regimen in order to achieve desired results. In that case a healthy and effective diet plan can help lose belly fat.

High calorie food, rich in fat, sugar and carbs is the biggest reason for weight gain or obesity. If intake of rich and fattening food is not coupled with exercise, a person becomes obese or fat. Some people have tendency to gain weight faster and around belly. Research shows that most of the people start gaining weight around belly followed by hips, and thighs.

Since belly is the center of our body, belly fat makes us look ugly and reduces our confidence. Not only that, belly fat poses a number of risks to our body. Doctors believe that people who have the tendency of gaining weight around belly are more prone to cardiac problems or coronary artery diseases. Central obesity is measured in terms of waist-to-hip ratio.

When we talk of food to reduce belly fat there are a number of do's and don'ts that we must follow for an effective diet to reduce weight. While the various links under this section will elucidate the diet tips in detail, here are a few instant steps that you can start following for losing belly fat:

1) Eating small meals on short intervals.

2) Eating your breakfast on time.

3) Avoiding oil, starch, sugar, and high protein food.

4) Finishing your dinner by 7 pm.

5) Avoid sleeping immediately after meal.

6) Avoid consuming water immediately after meal.

7) Drinking green tea at least once a day.

Although diet tips are great for losing belly fat, but they are going to be more effective if coupled with light exercises. 15-20 minutes of Stretch exercises centered on your belly area is going to work wonders for losing belly fat quickly.

Food plays a major role in our fitness. Research shows that there are certain foods that help lose belly fat, for example, fiber rich food like oatmeal, citrus fruits like orange, lemon, tangerines, dairy products like low fat yoghurt, low fat milk, and son. If belly flat reducing foods are consumed in the right way, they can work wonders in few days for your figure.

Given below are three different types of abdomen fat and diet:

Upper belly fat: 

If you like sweets, drinks, cheese and such mouth watering food and is not a very active person then you might gain a lot of belly fat indeed. So, what to do? Well, a simple and easy solution is that you switch on to sugar free tablets. For instance, in spite of putting up a lot of sugar, just put a little sugar free or sweetener tablets in your sweet dish and you will get the same taste minus calorie. It is difficult to quit such delicious food stuffs but certainly will take time to do that. So, use alternatively like honey or sugar free sweeteners to reduce the calorie amount and your balanced belly fat diet sweet dish is ready.

Lower belly fat: 

If you do a 9 to 5 job or any work that requires a long day sitting term then you might develop a lower belly fat. This results in fat of course, constipation, low stamina and such allied health issues. So, what to do? Consume cellulose diet or drinks, try and have less salt in your meals, do not sit immediately after having your meal, consume good amount of water to help proper digestion of food.

Beer belly or thick waist: 

It not only makes your figure look expanded but also gives extra flab on your waist. To get rid of this sort of belly fat, the diet is- eat green salad, vegetables and juicy fruits. You must chew your food before gulping it down so that you can feel the flavor of food and your stomach could actually feel that you are having something.

Importance of Diet to Manage Belly Fat

A well planned and nutrients rich diet plays a very important role in the management of belly fat. This happens as whatever food gets consumed by an individual directly gets converted into energy. But when the converted energy doesn't get used up, it gets accumulated in various body organs such as the abdomen, thighs, arms, hips and waistline.

Diet of an individual should be adequately designed so that it proves useful and cater to the requirements of an individual. For example, age, gender, life style and work life of an individual. As per these factors, diet of an individual can be designed wherein different varieties of foods can be included in the daily diet. 

Seasonal and fresh fruits that provide varied kinds of nutrients can be included in the daily meals. Besides this, dairy products that contain less percentage of carbohydrates, meat, fish, egg white, etc., can also be consumed in required measures.

Diet tips for losing your belly if utilized in a proper manner can help you achieve an envious and attractive figure in no time.

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