Belly Fat Facts You Should Know

This article is about Belly Fat Facts that you should know. People who modify their eating habits and increase their physical activity can reduce belly fat to a great extent. Most people would agree to it that looking and feeling good are commendable goals and losing belly fat take you a few steps further towards that goal.

Belly Fat Facts

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Fat deposits around the tummy is a sign of aging and aging considerably slows down the metabolic activity due to which fats get deposited on your body, particularly around your belly. Thus, having belly fat increases the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

Invisibility of the fat deposit in the belly is some of the belly fats fact that you need to understand. You cannot see the fat deposit, but a huge belly is often a sign of it. You can't feel the visceral fat which lies deeper inside the tummy, around your abdominal organs with your hand. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other complicated health problems have been linked with gaining this type of fat. Subcutaneous fat is more visible which is located between the skin and the abdominal wall, but is not a health concern at all.

Beginning of Belly Fat

When the amount of calories ingested is not balanced by the amount of calories burned through activity, belly fat occurs. In older days, people were hard to find who were concerned with belly fat facts. Today, as people lead a busy and stressful life, they find it necessary to get back their lightweight workday activities with physical fitness regimes related to hobbies or travel, sports and recreation.

In the olden days, as people worked hard they needed few additional exercises. They used to consume home grown, natural foods which fueled their bodies to cope with hard work such as farming and hunting.

Today's lifestyle is such that you need to fight belly fat or else it would keep on occurring. Most of the American people consume far too many calories and sugars which, through digestion, break down into simple carbohydrates which are mostly empty of valuable components. Though the substances provide calories, they are short of nutrients, vitamins or minerals. You must understand some basic facts about the body fat to fight belly fat effectively. These facts can't be changed, so you should plan to burn belly fat with these available facts.

Facts on Losing Belly Fat

Though a belly can become quite large, it still contains millions of microscopic cells. You gain belly fat microscopically and not in bulk and when you lose belly fat, it's always at the cellular level. Don't think that you can lose large amounts of fat overnight. There is some evidence regarding the increase of fat cells during the adult years. However, for most part it increases in childhood itself and that's the reason you must control childhood obesity.

You can burn belly fat not by losing fat cells, but by shrinking them. These cells would still be present and waiting to regain their size if you accommodate them even after shrinking.

You body needs energy and fat is the only way that your body stores energy for future use. You must understand that excess fat and not fat is a problem. Fat is necessary for life and surplus fat shortens your life. There is a very delicate line which your body maintains between using and storing fat as energy.

While maintaining this healthy balance, you need to burn off the excess belly fat. Most individuals think that they could lose belly fat fast by shrinking calories. It's true that reduction in calories is a part of fat loss equation, but it needs to be a moderate and gradual reduction.

Fat Importance

Your body goes into a starvation mode when you drastically reduce your intake. Your body stores more fat after your fat storage mechanism kick in. It would stubbornly hold on to the fat it has already stored. In this mode you won't lose belly fat, but rather you would lose water and muscle.

When your body requires energy, it's in the fat loss mode and this is referred to as calorie deficit. Your fat cells would release its stored energy with a deficit between what your body needs and what is readily available through carbohydrates. Burning belly fat is creating a calorie deficit.

You can create a calorie deficit only be exercising and moderately reducing your calorie intake. When you're assessing your diet plans and exercise, always keep this in mind. The exercise you perform must be adequate enough to create a calorie deficit. This means that you must perform strength training and aerobic exercises at moderate intensities and for adequate duration. Read more articles related to Health.

With proper plan and program, you will definitely burn the belly fat but you would also lose the fat that is stored all over the body. Before losing your belly fat, you'd probably lose fat in other areas of the body. Read more about belly fats.

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