Easy Belly Dance To Lose Weight Free

The first one who comes to our mind when we hear of belly dance is 'Shakira'. Wow! Wasn't that fun to watch her move her belly so gracefully? Well, you can be as her too and use this belly dance to lose weight free.

Belly Dance To Lose Weight

Belly dancing can work wonders for your whole body, since this is one such dance where you actually need to shake your legs, belly and the whole body. So, are you ready for some belly dance workouts?

Belly Dance To Lose Weight Free

Belly dance is one of the best form of dances that does prove beneficial to attain physical fitness and overall happiness. An amateur as well as a professional can perform different actions involved in a belly dance with ease. This becomes possible with daily practice which becomes possible under the expert supervision of a dance teacher.

By learning basics of the dance form, an individual can get all the actions correct. This way, it becomes possible to tone up the body muscles. Moreover, it helps to attain flexibility. Belly dance features the following things.

  1. Motion and articulation by means of different poses that involve balancing of human body and its actual weight on the toes.
  2. Belly dancing involve in depth moves that helps to attain inner peace of mind.
  3. Different combinations when performed in a correct sequence helps to develop muscular growth.
  4. Development of reflex action becomes possible with the help of instructional workout. Different acts of the dance form involve application of the dance vocabulary. To attain mastery in the dance form, a careful and a systematic approach is required.
  5. Transitions involved in belly dancing can be performed solidarity as well as in a group form.

Belly dance acts as a source of entertainment wherein an interested individual can perform varied combinations of the dance form. When performed in a systematic and correct manner, belly dance helps to attain bliss. Besides this, a person can certainly manage weight, as the dance involve moving the entire body in a rhythmic manner.

Belly Dance Features

There could be no better workout than this one. Belly dancing is fun and can act as your physical exercise to lose those extra kilos hanging around your belly. If you wish to lose weight, then an ordinary belly dance workout is great for you. In this dance form, you work out not only on your belly and waist but also on thighs, legs and hips.

Belly dancing can act as your workout with some adventure added. It tones up your body to the right shape if you practice it seriously. Belly dancing is one of the best forms of cardio exercises. It helps you tighten and strengthen your body muscles giving you an altogether unique experience.

Belly dance is one of the most entertaining workouts. Although it's a misconception that this form of dancing is just for the women since its too feminine, but you'll also find men practicing it very gracefully. Belly dancing provides you break from gym and actual workouts and give you an experience to lose fat while enjoying.

Benefits of Belly Dancing

  • Belly dance allows immense fun as the dance form involves more number of sit ups.
  • With the assistance of a good drum and beats, it becomes easy to move the entire body. This way, a person attain body flexibility.
  • Be it group activity or be it a solitary act, belly dancing provide lots of fun. People interested in weight management can certainly benefit from this form of dance as it can be included in the day-to-day workout regime to manage the stress.
  • With regular practice of belly dance, it becomes possible to attain isolation of muscles. This proves helpful to attain balance of the body.
  • Posture improvement becomes possible which is otherwise not easy to do. This becomes attainable as the dance movements involve tuned movement of organs like the spinal chord, hips, joints and ligaments present over these organs.
  • Weight loss becomes easy and amusing with the assistance of regular belly dancing.
  • Cardiovascular system gets improved as the entire body moves in a balanced order.
  • Elegance can be achieved as belly dancing involve grace in its various forms and actions.

Belly dancing has a very positive effect on your abdominal muscles, thus giving you the right posture. Brisk belly dancing can help you with your cardio exercise too. This is one of the best ways to burn fat for the beginners. Watch the video to learn Belly Dance to lose Weight.


Every fun comes with a restriction. Belly dancing can be a great fun workout but it has its own limitations. Since, belly dance demands your legs to shake as well; therefore it could be harmful for those who have knee problems. Beginner belly dancers usually shake their knees instead of legs and hips which can be hazardous for back as well. Hence, a proper trainer and teacher is required who can make you learn the correct techniques of copying this dance.

In this form of dance, you can get so many added advantages. One, you can learn a different dance style, two, your main concern- losing fat and burning calories and three, enjoying while working out. What more would a beginner demand? Losing fat can really be fun and energizing with belly dancing, all you need is strong will power to reduce weight and an instructor.

To summarize, belly dancing can help you tone and strengthen your body muscles, help you burn calories over some specific areas like belly, waist and hips and give you an adventure and experience you'll enjoy. Read more articles on weight loss.

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