Weight Loss Tips - How To Lose Weight Naturally

Sometimes our body’s slow down the digestive process this can be due to many reasons but the main ones are slow metabolism or bad diet. Here are some Weight Loss Tips. Also read how to lose weight naturally.


It is not good for our body’s to have food sitting in our stomachs for ages not going anywhere and can be troublesome for our health and well-being - not to mention helping us to weigh more and feel bloated and uncomfortable.

So perhaps one way forward is to try and speed up our digestive system by doing what we can to help it run smoothly and efficiently in a totally natural and friendly way. 

So let's take a look at how our body’s breakdown and get rid of the foods and waste products in our system and then I’ll show you some foods you can eat to help your body work better and healthier.

The main parts of your body that help breakdown foods and toxins are:

Liver, Kidneys, Gut, Skin, Lymphatic Circulation and Lungs. By helping these areas of your bodywork their best you are helping your body to become healthier. 

Helping these body parts can also help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as; Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and Arthritis.

Your diet can really help these body parts perform perfectly and just as a reminder here is a list of ‘jobs’ these body parts do for you:

The Liver makes all potentially harmful substances safe so they can be removed from the body’s system via the kidneys, lungs or bowel. Your body has special enzymes to do this work, which in turn require certain nutrients to perform these important tasks.

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Kidneys Help to flush through your system. Up to 7 liters of fluid pass through your kidneys every hour! They filter waste products like urea from your blood (urea is produced during the process of your body breaking down proteins) and of course helps your body to excrete these in the form of urine.

Gut: These are your intestines that process the nutrients, toxins and propel the indigestible material to the bowel. The bowel is where any toxins are worked on by friendly bacteria and excreted from the body as farces.

Skin: Your skin helps rid your body of some toxins via sweat and sebum (the skins natural oil).

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Lymphatic Circulation: Your lymphatic system is very much like your own personal drainage system. It carries waste products and toxins around your body and deposits them into your lymph nodes which are situated around your body ie, armpits, neck (just below your ear) and on the head just in front of the ears to name just a few (there are between 500 and 600 nodes on an average full-grown adult). The lymph nodes process the waste which is then returned to the bloodstream to be taken to the liver to be dealt with.

Lungs: Filter out toxic gases you breathe in as well as the waste gases you produce in your body such as carbon dioxide.

Now For The Interesting Part

The help and boast you can give these important parts of your body to get them working their best and helping to get you to the new healthier, happier and slimmer you that you want to be.

Eating Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower (cruciferous vegetables), onions and garlic (sulphur containing foods), tomatoes, apricots, peppers, blueberries and carrots (brightly coloured fruit and vegetables) and lemons will help your liver to work better. 

There are also some supplements that can aid your liver as well if you are interested and these are: milk thistle, artichoke extract, garlic, dandelion and fennel.

Drinking plenty of water, eating all fruits, vegetables and some herbs such as parsley leaf and drinking herbal teas will help the function of your kidneys and the extra supplements if you are interested are dandelion, horsetail, goldenrod, cranberry, and celery seed.

Eating rich fiber foods such as fruit and vegetables – especially apples, prunes, berries, dried fruit, carrots, broccoli, and cabbage, flax seeds (linseeds), beans, lentils, oats (if you are not gluten intolerant) and barley will help your gut and intestines work better and the extra supplements for these are fiber supplements (Psyllium), pro-biotic supplements, fructooligosaccharides, Aloe Vera and Chlorella.

Foods and herbs that can help your lymphatic circulation include drinking plenty of water, Echinacea and sarsaparilla root. Other ways to support your lymphatic circulation are massage (manual lymphatic drainage), dry skin brushing and Epsom bath salts.

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables especially apples, onions, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries will help your lungs and taking antioxidant supplements can help too.

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