Parkinson Cure Found - I Cured My Parkinson's Disease

Firstly, you should know about Parkinson's Disease. Then we will discuss whether Parkinson's cure found or not and, let me share how I cured my Parkinson's disease.


Q: What is Parkinson’s Disease?

A: A progressive, debilitating disorder of the central nervous system that occurs when the nerve cells in a part of the brain called the Substantia Nigra die and cease production of dopamine.

1: What is Dopamine?

A: The neurotransmitter that translates thought into action. The loss of dopamine results in Parkinson’s disease patients being unable to move normally.

2: What are the Symptoms?

A: Tremors, rigidity, slowness of movement, postural instability. As the disease progresses patients often experience difficulty walking, talking, and completing simple tasks like cutting, buttoning, writing. Parkinson's patients can also experience depression and apathy.

3: At What Age Do Most People Develop Parkinson’s?

A: The average age is in the mid-50s. Ten percent of patients develop symptoms before the age of 40.

4: What Causes Parkinson’s?

A: Scientists do not know precisely what causes the disease. They think it might result from a combination of genetic factors and environmental factors.

5: Are There Ways To Slow the Progression of the Disease?

A: Cell loss in the Substantia Nigra cannot be prevented by drugs. The symptoms are treated with a combination of drugs. Levodopa is the main drug that is used to treat the symptoms.

How I Cured My Parkinson's Disease

The prevention of Parkinson's disease, and its right cure for those who are suffering from this disease and the symptoms.

I tell my personal experience with the disease and I Cured My Parkinson's Disease and what anyone can do, obtaining the same results.

I had the advantage of having been a professor of pathology and therapeutics and being a health professional, which gave me the theoretical basis to understand what was going on in my body and to seek a reproducible solution.

First of all, I would like to mention that prefer natural ways to cure Parkinson's disease. Because using drugs that fight tremors can damage the brain as those drugs use chemicals. It is worth mentioning, that the suppression of this medication should only be done under medical assistance.

I assumed with myself that when I was cured I would endeavor and invest to pass on the procedures to other people, out of gratitude for having achieved something that benefited me so much.

I understand well how much damage to the pharmaceutical industry represents the natural cure for Parkinson's disease. But I trust that I can count on the collaboration of professionals involved with this disease since the goal of a medical specialty is its unnecessary existence.

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