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America celebrates important historical events with fun celebrations across the country. Here are 20 Most Important Events in US History. Sometimes these events are studied in classrooms. But after that, we sometimes tend to forget the actual dates of these events.

On this page, you will find a list of important historical events from early American history through the end of the Civil War. These events shaped America and should be remembered.

20 Most Important Events

1) Columbus sets foot on San Salvador Island in the Bahamas and is credited with "discovering" America - October 12, 1492
2) Stamp Act - March 22, 1765
3) Boston Massacre - March 5, 1770
4) The Boston Tea Party - December 16, 1773
5) Shots fired at Lexington and Concord, beginning of the Revolutionary War - April 19, 1775
6) Battle of Bunker Hill - June 17, 1775
7) Declaration of Independence signing - July 4, 1776
8) Articles of Confederation - November 15, 1777
9) The British army surrenders at Yorktown - October 19, 1781
10) England officially declares an end to hostilities in America - February 4, 1783
11) Treaty of Paris is signed by United States and Great Britain - September 3, 1783
12) Unveiling of the US Constitution - September 17, 1787
13) George Washington elected first President of the United States - April 6, 1789
14) Bill of Rights Amendments added - December 15, 1789
15) Louisiana Purchase - November 30, 1803
16) War of 1812 begins - June 18, 1812
17) War of 1812 ends with Treat of Ghent - December 24, 1814
!8) Civil War begins with first shots fired at Fort Sumpter - April 12, 1861
19) Civil War ends with General Lee's surrender - April 9, 1865
20) President Abraham Lincoln assassinated - April 14, 1865

From Independence day celebrations to Constitution day activities, there are many historical events and celebrations available for the perfect long weekend or your next vacation. 

This article also serves as a list of important historical events and celebrations. It will eventually include a list of events and activities scheduled all across the United States.

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Important Events in US History

Historical events and the celebrations of those events allow us to learn more about American history and celebrate the historical events of our past. Many schools offer special programs about historical dates, events and American holidays.

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