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This article is about New York facts for kids. New York City in the United States of America is one of the popular cities and it is officially called The City of New York.


It was discovered as the commercial trading center by people of Dutch origin in the year 1625. Since 1970 it has been the largest and the biggest city in U.S.

It was officially known as the City of New York but later, the name was changed. It is considered the largest urban city in the world, the largest city in America since 1970, and is the most populated city in America.

Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
Currency: US Dollar
Language: English  
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
State Abbreviation: NY
State Capital: Albany

New York City

The City of New York is located on one of the most excellent natural harbors. It is the renowned finance and commerce center of America. New York City has an influence in various fields like arts, fashion, politics, education, entertainment, media, advertising etc. It also serves as the center for international affairs.

New York is made up of 5 counties of Queens County, Richmond County, New York County, Kings County and the Bronx County which is governed by a unique form of administration called the Burroughs. New York City is comprised of 5 such Burroughs. Each of these has a unique history and character of its own.

Area: 54,475 square miles (27th largest area state in the USA).
18,976,457 (New York is the third most populous state in USA)
Name for Residents: New Yorkers
Major Industries: Finance, communications, international trade, fashion, publishing, farming & tourism
Main Rivers: Hudson River, Mohawk River, Genesee River
Highest Point: Mt Marcy (5,344 feet above sea level)
Bordering States: Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New     Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island (water border)
Bordering Country: Canada
Origin of Name "New York": In 1664 The English gained control of the area that was called "New Netherland" and renamed it "New York" in honour of the Duke of York.  York is also a city in England.
STATE NICKNAME: The Empire State
State Motto: Excelsior (Ever Upwards)
State Song: I Love New York


New York City: 8,143,197 people
Buffalo: 279,745 people
Rochester: 211,091
Yonkers: 196,425
Syracuse: 141,683
Albany: 93,523
New Rochelle: 72,967
Mount Vernon: 67,924
Schenectady: 61,280
Utica: 59,336
Number of Counties: 62
State Parks: 176

The City of New York has given birth to several cultural activities and movements. Some of them are hip hop, salsa, punk, Harlem Renaissance in visual art, and literature abstract expressionism in painting, and Tin pan Alley in music.

New York City plays a vital role in the film industry of America. A lot of the industries avant-garde films are shot in the city of New York. It is the second biggest film industry location in America. Tourism has developed rapidly in the city and attracts about 40 million tourists from the world every year.


State Bird: Eastern Bluebird
State Mammal: Beaver
State Insect: Nine spotted ladybug (ladybird beetle)
State Fish: Brook Trout
State Shell: Bay Scallop


State Flower: Rose
State Tree: Sugar Maple
State Fruit: Apple


Buffalo Destroyers - AFL
New York Dragons - AFL
Buffalo Bills - NFL
New York Giants - NFL
New York Jets - NFL
Buffalo Sabres - NHL
New York Islanders - NHL
New York Rangers - NHL
New York Knicks - NBA
New York Liberty - WNBA
New York Yankees - MLB
New York Mets - MLB
Metro Stars - MLS


Blue Cross Arena - Rochester
Madison Square Garden - New York City
HSBC Arena - Buffalo
Nassau Coliseum - Long Island
Pepsi Ariana - Albany


Governor: David Paterson (to Jan, 2011)
Senators: Charles E. Schumer (to Jan, 2011) & Hillary Rodham Clinton (to Jan, 2013)
US Representatives: 29
Secy. of State: Lorraine Cortes-Vásquez (appointed by Governor)
Comptroller: Thomas P. DiNapoli
Attorney General: Andrew M. Cuomo (to Jan, 2011)
Entered Union: July 26th, 1788
Union Rank: 11
Present Constitution Adopted: 1777 (last revised in 1938)

Millions of immigrants who had arrived during the late 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries were amazed with the greeting they received from the Statue of Liberty. Wall Street in Lower Manhattan serves as a home to the Stock Exchange activities. There are innumerable tall buildings in New York City. The former twin towers of World Trade Center, and The Empire State building are famous throughout the world.

Early 21st century saw the increase in Asian and Latin American immigrants which also opened new venues such as the Silicon Valley. New York City is also known for being the global center for the media and publishing industry. Home of the television industry it houses the headquarters of 4 major American broadcast networks.

For a person living in New York City, there is never a dull moment. The city is bustling with life and exciting activities take place all day long. While a lot of people use cars to commute from place to place, the public transport system here is also very convenient and economical.

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