Interesting Facts About USA - USA Facts

What are the interesting facts about USA - USA Facts

Interesting facts about USA

Official name:  United States of America

Capital: Washington, D.C

Population: 304,000,000 people

Rank among countries in population: 3rd

Major cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia

Area: 3,790,000 square miles 9,830,000 square kilometers

Rank among countries in area: 3rd

Highest point: Mt. McKinley 20,320 feet/6,194 meters

Currency: United States dollar

The official name is the United State of America. But most people often call it America, the USA, or the United States.

The United States of America is a vast and wonderful land. It's home to rich farmland, massive hills, huge stands of timber. Great rivers and useful mineral deposits.

Colonists from Europe established the U. S. more than 200 years ago. They created a new type of community-based on the values of independence and opportunity. The U. S. citizens, through their ambitiousness and effort, built one of the globe’s wealthiest and most highly effective countries.

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The first President to drive in a vehicle was William McKinley. After being shot, he was taken to the medical center in a 1901 Columbia electric ambulance.

George Washington was deathly scared of being buried alive. After he passed away, he wanted to be laid out for up to three days just to make sure he was really deceased.

The United State of America is very famous for its coast. If you love hip hop you know two popular hip hop lifestyles in America which are Eastern Coast and Western Coast. Talking about the coast, the lengthiest coastline in America is located in Alaska. The length of the coastline is about 10686.044 kilometres long.

Another Interesting Facts About USA is there are 10 official national vacations in the U. S. Those are New Year’s Day, Veterans Day, Easter, Martin Luther King’s Day, 4th of July or Independence Day, Memorial Day, Christmas, President’s Day, Labour Day, and also Columbus Day.

It is considered that California is the state with the lowest rainfall on the globe. For two years, California never rains. For those awesome and unique facts, California has been gaining so many visitors. Many people also really like this reality and this fact is often included in a song lyric.

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