John Tyler Facts - 10th President of USA

Reading about John Tyler facts, he was born in Charles City County, Virginia on March 29, 1790.

John Tyler Facts

John Tyler Family

John Tyler Facts - His father was John Tyler Sr., and his mother's name was Mary Armistead Tyler. When Tyler was only seven, his mother died as a result of a stroke. Tyler was raised with seven brothers and sisters with the elite gentry, and as a result, had a very good education.

John Tyler Education

He believed at a young age in the strict interpretation of the Constitution of the United States. At age twelve, he was admitted to the preparatory branch of the College of William and Mary. He graduated from college when he was seventeen in the year 1807.

John Tyler Marriage

John Tyler married Letitia Christian when Tyler was 23 years old. They were married for twenty-nine years. They had four daughters and three sons that lived to maturity: Mary Tyler Jones, Robert Tyler, John Tyler III, Letitia Tyler-Semple, Elizabeth Tyler-Waller, Alice Tyler-Dennison, and Tazewell Tyler.  His wife died on September 10, 1842, when she was 51 years old.

John Tyler married his second wife, Julia Gardiner Tyler when he was 54 years old and she was only 24 years of age. Together they had seven children: David Gardiner Tyler, John Alexander Tyler, Julia Gardiner Tyler-Spencer, Lachlan Gardiner Tyler, Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Robert Fitzwalter Tyler, and Pearl Tyler Ellis.

John Tyler was a slaveholder for his entire life, and it has been alleged that he is the father of some slaves. John Dunjee claimed that he was the son of John Tyler and his mother was his slave. It was also alleged in a newspaper early in his presidency that he had fathered and sold some sons with his slaves. There was additionally a slave woman of mulatto (mixed) heritage that traveled with the Tyler family, and it was alleged that he was her father.

President John Tyler

John Tyler was the tenth President of the United States of America and served from 1841-1845. He was the first to take over in office after the prior president died in office. When William Henry Harrison died in 1841 only one month into his presidency, the nation was confused, but the situation was settled when Tyler took the Presidency. This caused the creation of the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the Constitution.

At that point, he was only 51 years old and the youngest U.S. President to take office.  The biggest achievement of his presidency was probably the annexation of the Republic of Texas which occurred in 1845.  He was the first president of the United States to be born after the U.S. Constitution was adopted.

John Tyler suffered from poor health in his life.  After leaving the White House, he had many cases of dysentery.  He had many pains and aches for the final years of his life.  In 1862, he experienced chills and dizziness, and then he vomited and he collapsed.  It is likely that he died from a stroke.

More John Tyler Facts

NICKNAMES - His Accidency, The Accidental President.

BIRTH - March 29, 1790, at Greenway Plantation, Charles City Virginia.

MOTHER - Mary Armistead.

FATHER - John Tyler.

SISTERS - Anne Contessse, Elizabeth Armistead, Martha Jefferson, Maria Henry and Christianna Booth.

BROTHERS - Wat Henry and William.

  1. Married first wife Letitia Christian March 29, 1813.
  2. Married second wife Julia Gardiner on June 26, 1844.
  1. With first wife Letitia: Mary, Robert, John, Letitia, Elizabeth, Anne Contesse, Alice and Tazewell.
  2. With second wife Julia: David, John, Julia, Lachlan, Lyon, Robert, and Pearl.
HOME - Sherwood Forest, Charles City County, Va.

EDUCATION - Local Virginia schools graduated from the College of William and Mary (1807).

RELIGION - Episcopalian.


MILITARY SERVICE - Captain of Charles City Rifles Militia during the War of 1812.


  1. Virginia House of Delegates (1811-1816)
  2. US Representative (1816-1821)
  3. Virginia House of Delegates (1823-1825)
  4. Governor of Virginia
  5. US Senator (1827-1836)
  6. Virginia House of Delegates
  7. Vice President
  8. (1841, March - April)US President one term


INAUGURATION - Assumed the office upon the death of President Harris and was not inaugurated

John Tyler Administration

PRESIDENCY - One term (April 4, 1841-March 4, 1845), assumed office upon the death of President Harrison.


  1. Letitia Tyler (1841-1842)
  2. Julia Tyler (1844-1845)



John Tyler Cabinet

  1. Daniel Webster (1841-1843)
  2. Abel P. Upshur (1843-1844), killed while serving
  3. John C. Calhoun (1844-1845)
  1. Thomas Ewing (1841, March-September)
  2. Walter Forward (1841-1843)
  3. John C. Spencer (1843-1844)
  4. George M. Bibb (1844-1845)
  1. John Bell (1841, March-September)
  2. John C. Spencer (1841-1845)
  3. William Wilkins (1844-1845)
  1. John J. Crittenden (1841, March-September)
  2. Hugh S. Legare (1841-1843)
  3. John Nelson (1843-1845)
  1. Francis Granger (1841-1845)
  2. Charles A. Wickliffe (1841-1845)
  1. George E. Badger (1841, March-September)
  2. Abel P. Upshur (1841-1843)
  3. Thomas W. Gilmer (1844, February 19-29), Killed while serving


  1. Lawyer
  2. Chancellor of the College of William and Mary
  3. A delegate to the Virginia secession convention
  4. A delegate to Confederate Provisional Congress
DEATH - January 18, 1862, in Richmond, Virginia

BURIAL PLACE - Hollywood Cemetary, Richmond

  1. Sherwood Forest Plantation, Charles City County, Va. (homestead)
  2. Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.

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