ED Treatment - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Psychological Counseling

The most important fact in ED treatment (Erectile Dysfunction) is to identify the cause. You can perform blood tests, roentgen, electrocardiograms, and other tests to identify the underlying illness and lifestyle-related illness.

ED Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Approach

The approach to ED treatment is completely different depending on whether it is mental or ill, so instead of making your own judgment and purchasing an ED treatment drug, go to a clinic specializing in ED for basic treatment.

If your Erectile Dysfunction is caused by a mental cause, it is said that treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy or psychological counseling rarely causes recurrence, so once the treatment is completed, it is normal without taking erectile dysfunction drugs.

ED Causes

You can have a lot of sex, so you don't have to pay for the medicine. ED occurs when blood does not concentrate on the penis during sex, but it is often caused by arteriosclerosis, diabetes, psychological stress, and important to know that arteriosclerosis can be completely cured by improving lifestyle. 

Since it is possible, ED can be completely cured by receiving guidance and treatment according to the doctor's instructions.

In the case of diabetes, sexual desire is often lost, but if an erection is not possible despite sexual desire, the nerve tissue may be destroyed, so the glans penis becomes dull and erection occurs.

In the case of mental stress, the brain becomes excited during sex and the sympathetic nerves react excessively, causing blood to flow to the brain, heart, legs, etc. rather than the penis, and the penis does not erect.

In order to improve these symptoms, you have to take an erection remedy, but it is costly, so people who use personal imports get their own medicine.

ED treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy and psychological counseling

There are three types of erection remedies prescribed by medical institutions, some of which are effective in a short time and some of which are long-lasting

So you can take them according to your needs. Since it is a highly safe drug, the only side effects are flushing and hot flashes on the face, but care must be taken when swallowing it, and if you are taking antifungal or antiviral drugs, it will increase the blood concentration

Because of the risk, it can have serious side effects in some cases. In particular, HIV remedies tend to increase blood levels, so caution must be exercised. 

Drug Risk 

If you import medicine individually, you may receive a fake, so you have to buy it from a reliable supplier.

Although generic drugs can be obtained by private import, ED treatment drugs are manufactured by generic drug manufacturers all over the world due to the growing global demand. 

Among them, India is a country where generic drugs are actively manufactured, so many of them are made in India and the quality is very high.

If you do not purchase from a vendor that has a service that can track the waypoints etc., you will not be able to identify the place where the counterfeit is mixed.

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Basically, individual importers do not increase the number of users unless they are highly reliable, so we inspect the active ingredients by asking a third party to inspect it, but when we purchase it, even if it is genuine, it is in the middle of the country.

You must choose a vendor with good aftercare as it can be counterfeited. Private imports have the advantage of being cheap, but they also have the disadvantages of being difficult to receive appropriate treatment when side effects occur and the use of additives that are prohibited in Japan and the United States.

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