Read This Online Marketing Tips For Greater Success

There are quite a few ways and reasons your local offline business should be using the Internet and here are some online marketing tips:

Online Marketing Tips

  • The Internet is here to stay. Although things change quickly online, the web is a method of marketing that you need to incorporate into your business to get ahead of your competition.
  • Also, the Internet offers many inexpensive or free ways to market and advertise. The beauty of the web is that you can focus on both a long-term and short-term strategy for generating traffic, leads, and customers.
  • People are turning to the web to research and find products and services more than ever before and the numbers are increasing almost daily (more than 50% as per the last study). They are throwing away their Yellow Pages and weekly magazines to find deals online. It’s either you or your competition they will find.
  • Especially, the internet allows you to reach either the global or local markets, depending on your needs. This adds a lot of flexibility and power to an online marketing approach.

How to promote business online?

Some popular ways to utilize the power of the Internet:

1) Social media marketing

This is fast becoming one of the best ways to connect with new customers and to build trust. Almost everybody is familiar with Twitter and Facebook, many are using them on a regular basis, and so should you. This is a great way to get in front of potential consumers who could use your product or service. Effective use of Social Media can quickly and easily brand you as an online expert.
Pay per click advertising (PPC) – The PPC ads show on the right hand of Google search results. This is a quick way to grab traffic to your site but it may be expensive. Also, this isn’t as efficient as a natural (organic) ranking. Over 85% of all clicks go to natural listings with only the remaining 15% going to Pay-Per-Click ads. One more disadvantage to PPC ads is that they stop working as soon as you stop paying for them when on the other hand the organic listing will stay for years to come without any extra effort.

2) Google Places (previously known as Google Maps)

If your business is dependent on local customers, your web pages must target your local areas such as a city and province. When people use search engines to find products or services, they usually type in their location together with a search term. So the first thing you need to do for your business is to make sure you claimed your Google Maps listing. Local search results appear at the top of the 1st-page results, before the organic listings. If your business is not listed there, but your competitors are, you will be losing a lot of business.

3) Search engine optimization 

(SEO) brings potential customers to your website. In the long run, this is one of the most powerful tactics. The benefits of search engine optimization are tangible and measurable. How it works? Very simply, if your website doesn’t rank high in the search engines (preferably 1st or 2nd page) for your major search terms (keywords), more likely the buyers won’t find you. 91% of people who search online won’t go past the 1st page when looking for products or services. Sites visible on the first page of Google or other search engine results get the most visitors, and this equals more sales.

4) Website link building

Link building strategy relates to creating a variety of links pointing to your site from various locations on the web. Adding links is one of the most important aspects of acquiring top placement on the main search engines. Usually, a site with more inbound links could be positioned higher than a similar site with fewer links.

5) Lease-A-Site Marketing

What is this? These are pre-made websites designed and optimized for specific business and location keywords (search terms). These sites are already ranking on the first page of Google's local search result and have begun to draw traffic. They are designed specifically to bring in more traffic to your business right away. If you decide to rent them, they can be easily customized to reflect your business information.

6) Article Marketing

This is part of the content generation and sharing. By creating informative articles and posting them on your blog, your website, or distributing them to article directories you and your business will gain more exposure. These articles are often republished in newsletters or on other websites bringing prospective customers that not only are interested in the topic but are very inclined to do business with you.

7) Blog Marketing

This is another form of very powerful content generation. Search engines love blogs especially if they are updated regularly. Like article marketing, the blog brings in customers and helps you get ranked higher in search engines.


Besides these online marketing tips, there are many more ways to market an offline business online whether this is locally or globally. The bottom line is that if you aren’t taking advantage of the web, you are leaving money on the table or giving it away to your competition.

If you would like to grow your business online and increase the effectiveness of your online presence, contact us today and we’ll provide a free evaluation of your site and let you know the various ways you can bring in more money from the Internet.

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